Electronic tolling is coming to the SR 520 Bridge – Are you ready?

In the spring of 2011, all-electronic tolling will begin on the SR 520 Bridge to help pay for the construction of a new, safer bridge.  Good To Go! electronic tolling uses technology to keep traffic moving with no toll booths, no stopping, and no slowing down.

Customers can set up prepaid accounts linked to a Good To Go! Pass that is installed in your vehicle or linked to your license plate.  Automatic replenishment allows you to never have to worry about running low in your account.  Simply link a bank account or credit card to the account and your Good To Go! account is automatically replenished when you run low. 

As you drive under electronic sensors on the east high rise of the 520 bridge, the toll will be automatically deducted from your prepaid account.  If the driver does not have a prepaid account, a photo will be taken of the vehicle’s license plate, and a bill will be sent in the mail to the vehicle’s registered owner.

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has launched an extensive outreach campaign to educate drivers about electronic tolling on the SR 520 Bridge.  To reach as many bridge users as possible, WSDOT is on the radio, in newspapers, online and out in the community.  WSDOT is also meeting with community and business groups throughout the region to answer questions about the SR 520 Bridge electronic tolling program. 

The message is simple:  You can get ready for all-electronic tolling on the SR 520 Bridge by joining the interest list at www.goodtogo520.org, and be among the first to sign up for a Good to Go! Pass in January 2011.  Subscribers will also receive regular updates about rates, account options, special offers and customer service resources.

As the bridge tolling approaches, now is a great time to reconsider your commute options. Although exact toll fares have not yet been set, getting across the bridge other than driving alone (i.e. bus, carpool or vanpool) will drastically cut your overall tolling costs.

Have more questions? Contact WSDOT!

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