Have a telework question? Ask our expert! Installment Two

Are you interested in telework but have questions about how a work from home program could be successfully implemented at your company? Choose Your Way Bellevue works with telework expert Rick Albiero, CEO of the Telecomuting Advantage Group (TAG). Submit your telework questions to our expert here, or read on for previous Q&A’s requested publicly on the Telework Bellevue Ask an Expert page. And be sure to check back for more telework questions and answers from our expert. The Q&A’s will be featured on the Choose Your Way Bellevue blog on a monthly basis.

Question 2: We have a few people who telework by necessity and are considering expanding the program.  What steps should we take and are there any risks?

Rick’s Reply: The steps that you need to take are directly related to the risks that you are concerned about.  An important step is communicating the fact that the telework program will be made available to everyone but there will be requirements in order to apply.  A thorough policy that includes participation requirements, materials and equipment that will be made be made available to them through your organization, how support will be handled and performance requirements should be developed.  The goals of the program, for employees and your organization should also be communicated.  These steps will help you avoid one of the biggest risks which is equity issues.  We also recommend that managers receive support and information about the program and how it will affect their jobs.  This step will help reduce manager resistance to the program.  The risks of an informal program, including work disruptions and potential equity issues far outweigh the risks of implementing a well structured telework program.

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