New Year brings increased Metro fares

King County Metro Transit has announced several fare changes that will take effect on January 1, 2011.
The changes apply to both single bus trip fares and transit pass products. These fare increases are one of many approaches that Metro is using to help ease the effects of a budget shortfall. 

Here are the highlights you should know about:

  • 25¢ increase in adult fares (Fares for passes and ticketbooks will also increase)
  • 25¢ increase in Access fares (Monthly passes will also increase to $45)
  • Monthly/Annual Reduced Fare Pass will officially be replaced with PugetPass
  • Weekend Day Pass and Sunday/Holiday Family Fare eliminated
  • Youth fares and will remain unchanged
  • Cash fares will remain at 75¢ for seniors and those who qualify for reduced fare (Monthly passes will be going up);
  • Metro-only annual and monthly reduced fare passes will no longer be sold in 2011 (Existing passes will continue to be valid until they expire)

To find out more about how to purchase an ORCA card, visit, or call 1 (888) 988-6722.

For more information about upcoming the Metro fare adjustments, visit

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