“Once upon a bicycle” contest winner

Thanks to the participants in our “Once Upon A Bicycle Story!” Here is our winning story, coming to us from Juliet Swedlund. Congrats, Juliet, and happy riding!

“Life in Tandem”

Four years ago, at age 25, I learned to ride a bike. Literally, I had forgotten how to ride a bike, and it wasn’t so easy figuring out how to do it! I started timidly commuting to and from work, but soon entered a world of bicycle enjoyment. Everything from bicycle scavenger hunts and 7-seater rides to painted-body bike riding in the Fremont Solstice Parade and recently completing a 2-day ride from Seattle to Vancouver. Never did I imagine I could enjoy bicycling so much – this coming from a Tennessee native who scoffed when I saw a cyclist on the road! Bicycling changed my life, changed my perspective, and I’m happy to see roads in my hometown are getting more and more bike friendly – something I strongly support even though I live 2000 miles away in the bike-friendly pacific northwest!

I love bicycling so much that my husband and I decided to have a bicycle themed wedding! We had bicycle ties made, bicycle wine charms, a bicycle cake topper, and road off together on a tandem bike! My brother-in-law even wrote and played us a song called ‘Tandem Bike Ride’! For my husband’s birthday I signed us up to ride the RSVP (Seattle-to Vancouver), and I can’t believe I road nearly 200 miles in 2 days! I never would have imagined it! Riding our bikes together has always been something from which we both receive great joy, and look forward to sharing with our future family.

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