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Summer Commute Challenge

Downtown Bellevue Residents & Workers:

How did you get to work today? If the answer is you drove alone (again) then this is your chance to try a new way to work!   Downtown Bellevue on the Move is looking for a few challengers, who live or work in downtown Bellevue, to try a new, greener commute and to tell us about it!  Trying a new commute can seem a little daunting at first, but our staff wants to make it as easy on you as possible. That is why Downtown Bellevue On The Move will pay for your green commute for a month (some restrictions apply) – and are even throwing in a reward. So what are you waiting for? 

August could be the month that you leave your car at home, sit back and relax during a bus ride, dust off that old bike, or call up that friend on the 6th floor to see if he or she wants to try carpooling for a month.  Downtown Bellevue On The Move staff will help you plan your commute and can walk you through the process. All we ask in return is that you document your experience and share 4 weekly journal entries, paired with videos or photos to be posted on our blog or other social media sources. We want to hear about how it goes!

Those who are eligible and successfully complete the challenge will receive a gift card for participating (while supplies last). At the end of the year challengers will be entered to win a grand prize of a Kindle Fire, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, or Microsoft Store gift card.

Fill out an application today! Take on the challenge. 

If you already commute by a greener mode – refer a friend or two!  They will thank you later.


Downtown Bellevue On The Move Staff

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It’s almost that time of year again!

In just two weeks (Friday July 26 – Sunday, July 28) more than 500 artists and about 300,000 people will flock to Bellevue’s city center to experience the arts fair weekend. What many people don’t know is that the event actually comprises three separate fairs:  The Bellevue Arts Museum artsfairThe 6th Street Fair and Bellevue Festival of the Arts.

If you’re planning on attending this year, do you have your travel plans set? Read on for Choose Your Way Bellevue’s arts fair weekend transportation tips below!

Enjoy the arts and crafts in downtown Bellevue without sitting in traffic! Let Metro or Sound Transit do the driving for you. Simply park your car at a nearby park & ride, and then take the bus to a stop near the fair. Or better yet, visit or to plan your entire trip by bus!

Tips for riding transit to downtown Bellevue:

  • Carry your exact fare in cash: Bus drivers do not have change. You may pay your fare, and the fare for others traveling with you, using any combination of paper and coin currency. ORCA transit passes are also accepted provided they have a value equal to or greater than the required fare (if not, a cash supplement may be required).
  • Free fares for children: Up to 4 children ages 5 and under always ride free with a paying adult on Sound Transit and King County Metro buses.
  • All buses are wheelchair accessible.
  • Return trip to park and ride: Plan ahead by locating the bay where you will wait to catch a bus back to the park and ride, as well as determining when the last bus leaves to get you there. Schedules are posted at each bay to assist you.

Suggested Park and Ride Options for Saturday, July 27 and Sunday, July 28:
The information below is specific to Saturday/Sunday operations. If you plan to utilize a park & ride lot on Friday you can expect more frequent service; however, parking will be severely limited due to heavy commuter use.

All suggested routes serve the Bellevue Transit Center for incoming and outgoing trips. For specific bus schedules and more detailed information, please visit or

Park and Ride

Most Direct Route

Departure Information

Return pick-up at the Bellevue Transit Center


Additional route options

South Bellevue
2700 Bellevue Way SE
Sound Transit 550 Bay 1, departs every 15 minutes on Saturdays and every 30 minutes on Sundays Bay 9 $2.50 Metro 241*
Metro 249
ST 555*
ST 556*
ST 560
14200 SE Eastgate Way
Metro 271 Bay 1, departs every 30 minutes on Saturdays and every hour on Sundays Bay 5 $2.25 Metro 240
Metro 241*
Metro 246*
ST 555*
ST 556*
Mercer Island
8000 N. Mercer Way
Sound Transit 550 Departs every 15 minutes on Saturdays and every 30 minutes on Sundays Bay 1 $2.50 n/a
South Kirkland
10610 NE 38th Place
Metro 234 or 235 Bay A, departs every  15 minutes on weekdays, every 30 minutes on Saturdays and every hour on Sundays Bay 10 $2.25 Metro 249
Overlake Park and Ride
2650 152nd Avenue NE

Overlake Transit Center
15590 NE 36th Place

Metro B-Line Bay 7, every 15 minutes during peak travel times Bay 3 $2.25 Metro 249
13001 116th Way NE
Metro 235 I-405 Totem Lake South Bound Freeway Station, departs every hour on weekends Bay 4 $2.25 n/a
Sound Transit 535** I-405 Totem Lake South Bound Freeway Station, departs every hour on Saturday Bay 4 $2.50

*Weekday service only
**No Sunday service

Planning on carpooling? Parking will be extremely limited in downtown Bellevue so plan ahead and visit each fair’s page to learn about parking information: The Bellevue Arts Museum artsfairThe 6th Street Fair and Bellevue Festival of the Arts.

Bike racks are available throughout downtown Bellevue, check out our Bike Rack Map to find one near the fairs.

If you have additional questions about arts fair weekend and getting there, please post a comment to the blog below. We’ll do our best to provide an answer as soon as possible.

Plan ahead and enjoy the art!

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