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It’s always nice to have options. When we are busy, having access to multiple modes of alternative transportation is a big relief! Read on to see how Gillian mixes up her commute to tailor to her schedule!



Today I had to wake up super-early (at least for me) because I have to leave work early to go to school.  I am a part-time evening law student at Seattle University and fall semester started this week.  My work hours from Tuesday to Thursday are now 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Sometimes it’s a pain getting up, but there are certainly many benefits of an earlier start to the work day.  Traffic is better, I am more productive, and I don’t get worried that I am missing an early morning meeting or conference call.  I drive in to work on days I have class.  I wish it was more convenient for me to get to school and get home using public transportation.  But for the time and flexibility, I drive.

I have to say that it is great having multiple options for my commute on any given day.  Depending on my schedule, the weather, or simply my mood, I can choose to bike, bus, or drive.  Maybe someday I will try a fourth option – by foot.  =)

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Summer is drawing to an end but our challengers are finishing strong in their commute challenge!

Meet Kate. She took the challenge determined to bike from Kirkland to her work in Downtown Bellevue, and occasionally, ride the bus. Kate was thrilled to start and was even given a high-five from a passing jogger at her bus-stop. Read on to see how Kate’s first ride went!


Bought My Gear

This commute challenge is going to be so fun. I have always wanted to bike to work, but I have been intimidated in the past. Now that I live pretty close to where I work (Kirkland to Bellevue, 4 miles.) I am close enough. This commute challenge with Downtown Bellevue On The Move is just the thing to finally convince me to give it a try.

I was lucky enough to find a sweet deal on a bike on Craigslist. It needs a little love and attention, both things I can provide! The brake pads needed to be replaced. They were cheap enough at REI- $7. I watched a few Youtube videos to learn how to install them.

KAte's Bike

(Old brake pads. Significantly worn; the indicator grooves were almost gone.)

Written on Monday, August 12, 2013

First Bike Ride!

My husband practically had to push me out the door today. I was more than a little nervous. Sure, it’s been a while, but I can ride a bike no problem. Some would say, “It’s just like riding a bike.” …bad joke, sorry. So why was I so scared to ride my bike to work? Cars. Other drivers to be more specific. Inattentive drivers can be very dangerous to all who share the road.

Kate and Her Bike

Once I got out the door and on the road most of my fears dissipated. I am very fortunate that most of my route to work has a bike lane or large shoulder that I can ride on. Drivers do give a lot of clearance to bicyclists and I really appreciate that! I was confident that I was visible to drivers since I had my sweet new bicycle lights.

Bike lights

They each have a USB port so I can charge them at work after every couple rides. I love that!

Written on Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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Challenger Gillian started out riding her bike to work but changed it up last week by taking the bus. Check out how easy it was to switch modes!


GillianMy commute by bus takes about 20-25 minutes on average each way.  The bus stop is only a few hundred feet from my front door (yes, football throwing distance).

I use the OneBusAway app on my phone to let me know when the bus will be arriving.  I usually wait between two and five minutes, although these days the weather is so pleasant that I really wouldn’t mind waiting longer (it would be a different story in the winter).

Overall, my bus commute is pretty low-key.  Sometimes I put my iPod in, sometimes I just sit and stare out the windows, noticing all the construction going on in the area.  The most notable for me is the construction of the South Kirkland Park & Ride.  I remember when this place would get backed up with buses around the U-shaped driveway.  The design seems much better now, and there is already one parking garage up (not sure if it is open yet).  It looks like there will be at least another garage across the way.  I can’t wait to see this place after it is complete.

–Gillian 8.12.13

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The Summer Commute Challenge has kicked off and we have four challengers who are determined to ride out one month the greener way. Join Downtown Bellevue On The Move and our challengers as they document their experiences.  Make sure to wear a helmet, there might be road bumps!

Today we have an entry from Gillian, who works at Skyline Tower and commutes from Kirkland. She has chosen to bike and bus to work. Read on to see what her commute by bike was like this morning!

The nice cool breeze this morning really made my ride.  Bike paths brought me about half the way, then through the urban streets of downtown Bellevue, to my building, Skyline Tower (currently a construction zone).

There is nice spot on my floor where we can park bikes, which beats having to lock it up on a bike rack.  The hard part is getting it there.  Building management is very strict about not allowing bikes on the elevators.  We can use the freight elevator, but the wait is too long for me to handle.  Luckily, I am on the 3rd floor, so carrying my bike up the stairs is no sweat.

And, we have arrived.

-Gillian, 8/8/2013

bike parking - skyline gillian

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