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Those who travel via alternative mode are relying more on technology to make transportation choices. Tech-savvy travelers are on the look out for the next best transportation app. RideScout is the newest application to hit the mobile world that lays out all your traveling options for you. Choose Your Way Bellevue team members got to try it and want to share with you what they’ve found.

RideScout is a free mobile app that shows you real-time information about all transportation options that are available right now. When they say “all” they mean all. The app is very simple to navigate and only requires you to enter a start and end location. Once you enter in the information you can “search rides” and the app will bring up all the options to consider such as taking a taxi, driving alone, riding transit, using ZipCar and biking. You can filter results by arrival or departure time and estimated cost. Some options come with a great added feature:

options all

Transit: If you choose the transit option you can have your route broken up into steps and you can receive alerts reminding your when to leave to catch the bus, when a bus is on its way and when you are within ½ mile of your destination bus stop.

transit options

Taxi and ZipCar: You can book taxis and ZipCar straight through the app.

Driving: You can share the ride with someone else by posting on Facebook through the app.

Bike: It will tell you how many calories you’ll burn.

Here’s what staff had to say about RideScout

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Here’s an opportunity to meet the staff! From time to time we’ll feature a Choose Your Way Bellevue staffer on the blog. They’ll share with you how they get to work and some tips and tricks for getting from place to place the greener way!

Resized Jason CYWB 2Jason Hampton
Transportation Program Coordinator

Hi there, I’m Jason Hampton, the new Transportation Program Coordinator for TransManage, a service of the Bellevue Downtown Association (BDA). Much of my role involves working with buildings in Bellevue, serving as the Employee Transportation Coordinator for Puget Sound Energy, and supporting everyone involved with Choose Your Way Bellevue.

I’m thrilled to be at the BDA and I am honored to be part of an enthusiastic team engaged in providing people with resources geared toward improving the quality of life in Bellevue. Last September, all the members of the Choose Your Way Bellevue team introduced themselves and described their commute in this blog. I may be late to the party, but I’m equally excited about what we do—and here’s how I got here!

Early last month when I joined the BDA, it was a given that I would commute by bus to and from Bellevue. While I often drive, my preferred mode of transportation is the bus. Prior to commuting to Bellevue, I frequently rode the bus to Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland for evenings out, sporting events, and while running errands.

However, riding a bus on a regular schedule is a new experience for me. I pick up the Sound Transit route 535 Express Bus at the Bothell Park-and-ride, just down the hill from my house. From Bothell, the 535 travels south on I-405, only stopping twice before arriving at the Bellevue Transit Center.  I usually catch the bus at 6:43 a.m. or 7:13 a.m. on my way into the office. Typically the ride takes between 20 and 25 minutes, although one Friday morning it only took 14 minutes.

My morning commute usually consists of coffee, Crosscut, Twitter, and if there’s time Facebook.  My ride home usually lasts about 35 minutes, but I value the time to relax and reflect on my day. By the time I get home, I’ve developed an action plan for the next day and I’m ready to spend time with my friends and family.

resized Jason CYWB

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