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It is time to send the kids back to school. Here’s our plan to make your back to school shopping experience stress free (well, at least the transportation part). Bellevue’s three main shopping districts are all easily accessible by numerous buses from neighborhoods throughout the city.

Crossroads Mall is frequently served by the KC Metro 245 which travels between Kirkland and Factoria as well as the KC Metro B Line traveling between the downtown Bellevue Transit Center and Redmond Town Center, via Overlake. Crossroads is also served by KC Metro routes 226 and 221.

If you are looking to do some shopping in Factoria there are numerous bus options for your trip. The most frequent service is provided on the KC Metro 245 route which travels between downtown Kirkland and Factoria, via Overlake and Crossroads. Other routes serving Factoria are KC Metro routes 240, 241 and 246^.

Bellevue’s biggest shopping destination is downtown. Downtown is home to popular shopping centers like The Bravern and The Bellevue Collection and stores including Sports Authority, Microsoft and Office Depot. Downtown Bellevue also has extensive bus service including the KC Metro 234, 235, 271, B Line and the Sound Transit 550. Other buses traveling through downtown Bellevue are the KC Metro 240, 241, 246 and the Sound Transit 535*, 550, 560 and 566^ Remember, in order to easily transfer between buses including Sound Transit and Metro you will need an ORCA card. For more information about traveling via transit throughout Bellevue email

If you plan to carpool into Bellevue instead of riding the bus, there are HOV lanes on SR-405, SR-520 and I-90. There is also a HOV exit ramp off SR-405 at NE 6th,leading into downtown Bellevue. Drivers and back-up drivers of King County Metro vanpools are given personal use allowable mileage. Each group is allowed 40 free miles per month for personal use by primary and/or backup vanpool drivers. This mileage is automatically deducted during the monthly reporting process. Up to 250 miles per month above the allowable commute miles is available for personal use. Drivers must pay for these miles at the stated personal use rate from a current fare schedule. All drivers should enter their name and starting and ending odometer readings in their groups’ notebook or mileage logbook when using the van for personal use.

Need us to plan your route to shopping centers around Bellevue? Email us at or give call us at 425-990-3097.

^No Saturday or Sunday service

*No Sunday Service


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Facbook Graphic

Gina, our first Commute Challenger, says she kicked off the Challenge making sure she had everything she needed to take the bus. This lesson is so important in trying anything new and it takes away most, if not all, the apprehensions surrounding the new activity. Gina shares her experience and gives us a glimpse into her week of trying a different way to get to work. Think you could do what Gina did? Take the Commute Challenge or refer a friend!

Read on for Gina’s week of the Commute Challenge.

My experience starts off with making sure I have everything I need to take the bus challenge. [I carry] my office shoes in a bag while  I wear walking sandals throughout my commute. I make sure I check the weather if I need a scarf or umbrella or rain coat for that matter. All the bus stops have a shelter to wait in so no big deal ! Hey, I am from Pacific Northwest! But walking to work and back home can be a wet one without rain gear. It still is a wonderful summer so I am just excited to be doing something green for the community and for me!

At first I was nervous always checking if the bus was coming or not, if I had been late or not, or if I was going to make the connection or not. Very anxious day! But I realize that there is time if you manage it correctly to get to the stop in time! My colleague told me about this fabulous app called “One Bus Away”! It was developed by University of Washington students to indicate the number of minutes it will take for a bus to reach a particular but stop! Amazing!

That removed all doubt! I was able to get to my stop in time and make phone calls or read some articles and be ready to board my bus. The ORCA card makes the commute even easier without having to count change! Thanks T-Mobile!

Gina Rose
Check out my Commute Challenge experience here:

Thank you, Gina, for taking the Commute Challenge! We are so happy that you can take the bus to work at least twice a week regularly.

Changing up your commute even once in the week could make a difference in making travel on the I-405 corridor more reliable. Want to get on board? Take the Challenge, take the Make A Change Pledge or do both. Choose Your Way Bellevue and On The Move Bellevue are here to help you get started!


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Seahawk 12 exp_0


Before I started traveling on the bus to and from Seattle for Seahawks games, I had never regularly ridden the bus. Prior to then I occasionally rode the bus to and from Bellevue or Seattle for days or evenings out, but never on a regular schedule. That all changed when I realized how easy it was to take transit to and from the games. Eventually it became part of the whole Seahawks Sunday experience!

With the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks’ primetime season opener less than a month away, last year’s excitement is beginning to resurface. For the past 10 seasons I have been attending Hawks games regularly. For me Seahawks Sundays are about more than just football. They provide a chance to bond with friends and family as well as other fellow Hawks fans. Seahawks games became a way to bridge cultures, meet new people and, most importantly, bring the community together.

I have a Sunday morning routine that typically begins at the Bothell Park-and-Ride around 8:20 a.m., where my brother and I catch Sound Transit express route 522 to downtown Seattle. When we board the bus, we see a couple of passengers geared up for the game. The nods and “Go Hawks!” pleasantries are exchanged as we sip on our morning coffee. As the bus winds its way along Bothell Way through Kenmore, Lake Forrest Park and Lake City, picking up Hawks fans along the way, the atmosphere intensifies and the mood shifts from relaxing and conversational to energetic and celebratory. By the time we arrive to our stop at 2nd and Jackson, we’re pumped up and ready for the pregame festivities to continue at our favorite Pioneer Square hangout.

Through the seasons I’ve gotten to know quite a few fans while riding the bus, the trip is just one more reason that Seahawks game days are exciting and fun. As this season approaches I look forward to joining other Hawks’ fans on the ST express route 522. But this year the season begins on Primetime, Thursday, September 4th against the Packers. I plan to ride to the season opener on Sound Transit route 550 from the Bellevue Transit Center after work. I am really looking forward to meeting a new group of Hawks fans during the ride.


If you are considering taking a bus from Bellevue to the Thursday night season opener, you have a few options in the playbook that will lead to success. From the Bellevue Transit Center you can catch Sound Transit route 550 that will drop you off at the International District Chinatown station, a short distance from Pioneer square and Century Link Field. You can catch ST route 550 at the South Bellevue park-and-ride too. If you’re heading across the lake from the Eastgate freeway station you will enjoy 20 festive minutes with fellow Hawks fans on the Sound Transit route 554, before arriving at 5th and Jackson. The 554 departs the Eastgate Park-and-Ride every 20 minutes before 4 p.m. and every 30 minutes after 4 p.m. After the win you can catch the 554 for your return trip from 5th and Jackson

After the Seahawks season opener victory over the Packers, the rest of their home games are scheduled to kick off on Sundays around 1 p.m. The following routes will get you to the game as swiftly as a Percy Harvin kickoff return. Remember some buses have different schedules on Sundays.

Bellevue Transit Center: Sound Transit route 550 (aka the 5 KJ Wright); 7:50  a.m., 8:20, 8:50, 9:20, 9:50, 10:20, 10:50, 11:20, 11:50, and 12:20 p.m.

Eastgate Park-and-Ride: Sound Transit route 554 (sometimes called the 5 Bobby Wagner); 7:43 a.m., 8:44, 9:44, 10:45, 11:15, 11:45 and 12:15 p.m.

South Bellevue Park-and-Ride: Sound Transit route 550; 7:59 a.m., 8:59, 9:29, 9:59, 10:29, 11:00, 11:30, 12 p.m., 12:30.

South Kirkland Park-and-Ride: KC Metro 255 (known at the South Kirkland Park-and-Ride as the 2 Heath Farwell); 7:54 a.m., 8:54, 9:24, 9:54, 10:24, 10:54, 11:24, 11:54 and 12:24 p.m.

King County Metro also offers weekend game day shuttles to and from a few area park and ride lots, including Eastgate. You can find more information about the game day shuttles here.

Remember, Seahawks game days are busy for all downtown buses. A couple of things that help the offence run more smoothly are patience and an ORCA card. Postgame traffic can clog the streets and unlike Marshawn, buses can’t just Bestmode through. Please be patient and remember the bus will eventually come. When making the play-call to ride the bus, also remember that an ORCA card will not only save you money by letting you transfer between buses, but it speeds up boarding. If you will be paying your fare with cash try to have exact change ready. The Sound transit fare for the 550 is $2.50.  There are many places to get an ORCA card. You can purchase one at the Bellevue Transit Center ORCA card vending machine or at other participating retail locations as well as by mail. Here’s the playbook on getting an ORCA card.


If you have any questions about transportation to or from Bellevue contact .



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The Denny

Photo from Oregon Manifest

What does your Dream Bike look like? How about a bike that helps you up hills and keeps you dry in rainy weather? A Seattle firm made that dream a reality and we’re excited for this bike to hit the market soon!

Seattle’s “Dream Bike” was invented by TEAGUE and Sizemore Bicycle. The Seattle team participated in the Bike Design Project with four other teams from major cities across the U.S. including Chicago, New York City, Portland and San Francisco.  The Bike Design Project is an “independent innovation platform for the urban utility bike.” High-level design firms and bike craftsmen teamed up to develop the better bike for every day riding.

The teams collaborated to manifest a bike concept for riders who want to lead healthier, more sustainable lives but might not consider themselves “cyclists.” For Seattle’s team that meant creating the Denny which includes auto-shifting, electric assist, smart reactive lighting, integrated locking and a fender designed to remove water from the tire. We know. We get chills just thinking about it.

Here’s more about the Denny:

Security features:

Removable handlebar lock system
Quick stop handlebar lock system

Convenience features:

Automatic gear shifting
Electric power assist
Integrated storage as part of the frame
Removable battery for easy charging
Minimal fender design that removes water from the tire

Safety features:

Fully-integrated, turn signals, head and brake lights
Auto-on lights that react to natural light conditions
Safety lights that flood light onto the road around the bike

Because the competition is about keeping the rider in mind, the riders chose the winner of the Bike Design Project. The Seattle team’s design came out on top, and with the help from Fuji Bikes, the Denny will be available in shops in 2015.

Are you excited about the Denny? How would you describe your dream bike? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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This goes out to all the walkers out there. Our program manager gets to walk to work for her commute. Check out what her experience is like plus her tips and tricks!

Do we have any walkers out there? I currently live conveniently close to work so I have the opportunity to walk for my commute. While it may seem like a simple concept, there certainly are a few tips I picked up along the way after walking .73 miles to and from work each day this past year that I thought were worth sharing:

  1. Rain or shine: dress for the weather, bring extra clothes and dress in layers. Nothing is worse (well a lot of things could be worse) but as far as walking goes – having the wrong shoes or being over or under dressed can really set you up for a tough day ahead.


Lessons learned: Last fall, I wanted to walk across the park to take a different way. I thought the grass looked dry, but after it had rained I took a gamble and trudged through the grass only to find I had sunken through the grass and mudded up my satin flats. Whoops. A pair of rain boots or duck shoes is never a bad idea for those winter months (November through May). Not to mention those humid mornings when I find myself running a few minutes late and booking it across town; my blazer weighted me down and making me feel sticky— I just wish I had a different shirt to change into at work.

Tip: There is no shame in wearing a pair of athletic shoes with a skirt and an extra T-shirt and then changing into nicer clothes when you get to work. Sometimes I just leave an extra shirt and a stick of deodorant in my desk at work; it can come in handy.

  1. The essentials: An umbrella, a raincoat, sunglasses and a backpack. You never want to get caught in the rain but it’s best to just plan on it (then it never happens, right?) I like my backpack because it evenly distributes the weight across my back and I don’t have a sling bag or a purse weighing me down on one side. Plus, when it doesn’t rain you can stash your coat and umbrella and extra pair of shoes in your backpack. I actually just keep my purse in my backpack and then take that when I jet out for lunch.
  1. Bright clothing and flashing lights are your friends. The winter months can be DARK. Try some neon clothing colors to boost your visibility. I like to keep a yellow flashing light on my backpack just to be seen when I cross the street. Cross at crosswalks and always make eye contact with the driver if you are crossing in front of a vehicle. I have found that “defensive walking”, similar to defensive driving has kept me in a safer spot more times than not.

The best part? Getting my body moving! I love the exercise I get just from walking for 15 minutes early in the morning and while winding down after a day of work. It isn’t an intense work out but I get to move.

The bottom line is walking is fun. Just like all commutes – there are down sides, but I try to remember that it’s good for my community to leave my car at home (especially being less than a mile away) and it’s good for me. I love seeing familiar faces of people running or walking their dogs. It makes me feel connected to my community just being able to see familiar strangers on a regular basis, and interact with shops and restaurants as a walker, not a driver.

Even if you aren’t able to walk to work, is there a place you could walk to? Walking is a great way to see your neighborhood in a different way. Maybe start with walking to lunch or walking during lunch. Take a coworker out for a walk and you might get to know them better and get to see your work environment a different way.

Stay dry, stay comfortable and get out and get some exercise! What did you see on your walk today?

Augusta Prehn

Program Manager

TransManage and On The Move Bellevue


Take the August walking challenge: How far do you walk in a day? Have you ever tracked it? Summer is the best time to get out and enjoy the sunshine: whether you’re walking to work, walking to the park, running errands, biking to a meeting or taking kids to a play date. Take on the walking challenge during the month of August and log every walk trip you take*. If you could have driven but decided to walk: log your trip on your calendar and earn a chance to win a Fitbit Flex. It’s a simple concept. Stay safe and see you out walking the walk!


*Log at least 8 walking trips to be entered to win.

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