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East Link Light Rail construction is underway with the promise of new transit options in Bellevue and increased connectivity with Seattle, Mercer Island, and Redmond. Sound Transit isn’t stopping there, though. With population and employment growth on the horizon, Sound transit has released the Sound Transit 3 Draft Plan to extend both Light Rail and regional bus services. The draft is available for comment and Sound Transit would like 10 minutes of your time to help shape the future of transit in our region.

In this draft, Bellevue continues to be a hub for transit. From Downtown a user would be able to reach major Seattle neighborhoods as well as Issaquah and Redmond via rail, and cities to the south and north via enhanced bus service. The Sound Transit website has a helpful and interactive map of all existing and proposed projects as well as a detailed overview of the entire ST3 plan.

If implemented, ST3 could have a major impact on movement in and around the region. Whether you see the plan as a blessing, a curse, or simply not enough, make sure your voice is heard by taking the short ST3 survey by April 29th. The only way to ensure the future of transit in our region best serves commuters like you is to help influence its implementation.

Click here for a link to the ST3 Draft Plan:
Click here for a direct link to the survey:
You can also email your comments to:

Mail comments to: Sound Transit | 401 S. Jackson St. | Seattle, WA 98104
Call with questions: 206-903-7000
Or attend an Open House:

All meetings are 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. with presentations at 6 p.m. except for the April 28 Seattle daytime meeting.

• REDMOND* – April 27 – Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center
• FEDERAL WAY* – April 28 – Todd Beamer High School
• SEATTLE* – April 28 – Daytime meeting at Union Station (11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., presentation at noon)

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This May round up the team, join a team or cycle solo for the Washington Bikes Bike Month Challenge. The Bike Month Challenge is an annual fun, free online trip-tracking contest that challenges you and others to ride as much as possible during the month of May. If you’re interested in becoming a team captain you still have time to register. Register before the 20th and pick up your Team Captain packet at Geaux Brewing on Thursday, April 21, from 3:30 to 7 p.m. Anyone is welcome to join so feel free to bring your teammates and friends who are interested in biking this May. Questions? Email or call 425-990-3097.


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Bike Month In Bellevue

Bike month is on its way to Bellevue and there are a ton of fun ways to get inspired and get involved. Whether you’re a beginner or already live in your spandex, Bike Month events are a great way to network and explore your biking options!

To start things off, consider participating in the Bike Everywhere Challenge! It’s a fun, free, online trip-tracking contest where you challenge yourself and others to ride as much as possible in the month of May. Join a team or ride solo and see how far and often you can bike through Bike Month. Learn more about the challenge and register.

If you’re new to biking or need a few refreshers, head over to Choose Your Way Bellevue’s Intro to Urban Cycling. This event will be led by a Cascade Ride Leader who will be passing on words of wisdom from the rules of the road to how to look cool and stay safe while biking. As if that wasn’t incentive enough, there will be free pizza! Just don’t try to eat it while riding… April 19, 12-1 p.m. Bellevue City Hall room 1E-112.

After you’ve become acquainted with urban cycling make your way to Eastside Packet Pickup and Captain’s Party at Geaux Brewing. This is where you’ll start your Bike Month Challenge with Cascade Bicycle Club- a wealth of information for bikers! There will be prizes, free minor tune-ups from Velofix, food for purchase from Bread and Circuses and info for riding throughout the Eastside. April 21, 3:30-7 p.m.

Now that you’ll be up to speed, stop by the Bike Everywhere Day stations at Bellevue Transit Center and the I-90 trail at Enatai Park for a morning chat and fuel up with other bikers. There will be bike swag, Starbuck’s coffee, snacks from Whole Foods, activities, and Gregg’s will be offering minor tune-ups! May 20, 6-9 a.m.

To cement biking into your future and the future of downtown Bellevue, join the Cascade Bicycle Club Policy Ride for a 5-mile lunchtime loop to explore potential bike routes as part of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Implementation Initiative. May 25, 12-1 p.m., start at Bellevue City Hall.

For even more bike info check out: and Download the Bike Month in Bellevue flyer to post in your office, school or community.

Happy biking!

–Choose Your Way Bellevue staffer Paige

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On a typical work-day I walk just over one mile to a bus stop in downtown Bothell. Once there, I board the Sound Transit 535 or KC Metro 342 to Bellevue. The walk helps me organize my thoughts and prepare for the day. Similarly, the trip home helps me wind down. While I value this time and cherish my stress free commute, my preferred commute is by bike. Despite that, I’m a one-way biker. I don’t typically bike to work, instead, I coast downhill to the bus, secure my bike to the transit rack and take a seat.

Throughout the workday I’ll find myself glancing at my bike in the corner of my office and thinking about the ride home. Picture3Most days I’m excited and ready for the 17-mile ride through Bel-Red, up over hill on the 520 trail and along the Sammamish River to Bothell. However, some days I prefer to meet a friend, want to leave late or feel too lazy to ride the hill on the 520 trail; or in the worst case scenario, I may have a mechanical issue that prevents me from continuing on. On these days I don’t want to leave my bike at the office or prematurely end my ride, but it can require a bit more planning.

One tool I’ve found invaluable for planning such trips is the King County Metro In Motion interactive map. The map can be used to find regional trails, bike shops, transit routes, bike lockers and more, all in one map where you can ‘select’ one or more layers at a time to suit your trip.

One scenario I found helpful took place on a day I simply didn’t feel like riding the uphill portion of my commute. Knowing there was transit near the top of the hill, I pulled open the map and zoomed in to the top of the hill, in this case NE 40th and SR 520. Then with the Regional Trail highlighted, I selected ‘Bus Routes and Stops’. From there I clicked on visible stops until I found a bus that traveled from the Bellevue Transit Center to this location, in this case the KC Metro 232.

By clicking the link I was easily able to view the KC Metro 232 time table and I learned the bus ride from the Bellevue Transit Center to the Overlake Transit Center stop was only nine minutes.

Another valuable feature identifies the locations of bike shops and bike lockers. Last year I was riding along the Burke Gilman Trail when the screw fell out of my shoe cleat, preventing me from decoupling from the pedal. On that ride I found myself searching the web for a bike shop and then having to use the map feature on my phone for directions. With the Metro Interactive Map, it’s as simple as highlighting bike shops near your location.


This tool has added flexibility to my bike commute, now I ride more than ever. How have you used the KC Metro Interactive Map or how do you think it could help you get around? Share your stories with us at

-Choose Your Way Bellevue staffer Jason


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