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When traveling on express buses crossing county lines (such as the ST 535 to Lynnwood or ST 532 to Everett), the ORCA card reader is automatically set to charge you for the 2-county fare ($3.75). If you’re going north out of Downtown Bellevue and get off the bus at the Totem Lake Freeway Station in Kirkland, Brickyard Park-and-Ride in Bothell, Bothell Park-and-Ride, Beardslee Blvd, UW Bothell or the I-405 and NE 195th St flyer stop – you’re a one-zone rider ($2.75). Canyon Park is the beginning of the two-zone ride going north out of Bellevue.

Pro Tip: Are you traveling on multi-county bus but disembarking before the bus crosses the county line? Let the driver know when you board that you’re a “one-county” rider. The driver can adjust the fare for you, saving you $1 per trip! This can save you whether you pay with e

-Choose Your Way Bellevue staffer Augusta

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Seattle’s Ruff Rider

Eclipse with her Orca card

It started with Eclipse’s owner smoking a cigarette a little too long one day which made this impatient pooch jump onto the bus without her owner. Eclipse’s owner followed suit on the next bus and noticed that Eclipse was already waiting at the dog park. Eclipse’s owner usually rides with her, but on the off chance she’s solo, Eclipse jumps onto the Rapid Ride D line, sits quietly and waits for her stop all on her own. Although Eclipse should really be on a leash, dogs are able to ride at the discretion of the driver and under certain guidelines. For those that are new to transit and want to join Eclipse in finding an alternative commute Choose Your Way Bellevue is currently offering a great promotion for new transit users*. Visit our homepage to find out more.


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Just where will you be able to take the Light Rail in and out of Bellevue? And when can you plan that trip? Let’s take a look at Sound Transit’s resources.

Sound Transit Stations Map

The construction phase is in full swing and planned to be completed in 2022. Testing and pre-operations should leave us riding the light rail in 2023! You can stay up to date by subscribing to Sound Transit’s East Link updates.

To see a complete list of Eastside station locations, see Sound Transit’s website.

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