Meet Melissa!

Melissa Torres

Melissa is excited for winter weather to finally arrive!

Hello! My name is Melissa Torres and I am the newest member of the TransManage team, filling the role of Transportation Outreach Coordinator. I work along with Choose Your Way Bellevue and various downtown properties to improve their employees’ commute to work with the aim to reduce single car occupancy trips.

Eight years ago, I ditched my car in Southern California and moved to Seattle. This permitted me to learn the lay of the land by foot and transit. This change of lifestyle completely altered my perception of place and community for the better. It has made me a more compassionate and eco-conscious person.

So how do I get to work? I take the bus! I take the bus because it is SO EASY. Once you understand the possible routes, catching the bus becomes a thoughtless activity. I use the OneBusAway app to check real time updates on my route so I don’t have to leave my place a moment too soon.

The bus ride provides extra time to drink coffee, check emails, zone out to a podcast, or doze off a little. I usually dabble in a little of each with the occasional Ariana Grande song to get my day started on the right note. I highly suggest it.

Choose Your Way Bellevue Staffer, Melissa

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