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When I began working in downtown Bellevue a few months ago, I thought that commuting from Ballard two hours round trip each day by bus would be a nightmare. It turns out that by just focusing on being productive during that time, I appreciate and even enjoy my time on the bus.

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Here is a list of things that I do that make my commute feel worthwhile:

  1. Get Ahead

I find that the bus is a great place to start thinking about outlining a productive day before the stress of actually being at work kicks in. I check my email and clear my inbox on the bus so that I have one less thing on my plate at the office. I take a notebook with me, so that if I have a writing task or want to make a to-do list, I can take care of it and feel like I’m already ahead of the game.

  1. Read a Book

I love to read, but for the past few years I found myself only being able to settle into a good book when I was on vacation. Since I started commuting by bus, I’ve found that it’s the perfect way to pass the time and do an activity I enjoy. Since I have that time morning and night, I’m able to get through monstrous books that I normally wouldn’t have the patience to finish, like Crime and Punishment, which I finished last month, or War and Peace, which I’m currently working on. I don’t even have to carry the books during my commute since I read them on my phone.

  1. Listen to podcasts/TED Talks

An activity that I find really helps me pass the time without effort is listening to a favorite podcast. They can be downloaded so that you’re not using data on the commute, and before you know it you’re at your destination and have maybe even learned/heard about something cool to share with coworkers.

  1. Learn a new language

There are dozens of free language learning apps available, and commuting can provide the perfect time to activate your brain and make daily progress.  I decided to start using Duolingo to learn Spanish. I wasn’t expecting much, but after a few months using the app only on the bus, I’m now 51% fluent! I wholeheartedly believe I would not have made that progress if I had chosen to drive instead of taking the bus.

  1. Sit Back, Relax and Unwind

Sometimes, I just need to unwind after a long day, and my commute gives me the perfect opportunity to do that. I find that listening to mellow music, staring out the window at the beautiful northwest views, and deep calming breathing can help me feel relaxed and re-set.

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