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Construction has begun on East Link’s downtown Bellevue Tunnel. Starting June 13th, contractors will close a portion of 110th Ave. NE to replace the soil under the roadway. The current substrate consists of loose fill which it is not adequate for the tunneling operation. The loose substrate will be replaced with a concrete like material and the roadway will be restored, allowing full access during tunnel construction.

Phase one of the closure will last approximately five weeks (June 13th to late July).

110th closure Phase 1

The initial closure will block all lanes in both directions of 110th Ave. NE from NE 6th St. to the loading dock of City Center Plaza. The 110th Ave. entrance to City Center Plaza will be closed during this phase of construction, but there will be limited access via the loading dock. Please contact property management for more details. Both the City Hall visitor entrance and the Skyline garage will continue to be accessible via 110th Ave. NE, but drivers will have to access it from the south.  Vehicle access to Skyline Tower, City Center Plaza and Bellevue City Hall will be restricted to a right turn only from westbound NE 4th St.. The sidewalk on the western side of  110th Ave. NE between NE 4th St. and NE 6th St. will be closed. The sidewalk on the east side will remain open.

 Phase two of the closure will continue for an additional five weeks (Late July-early September).

110th closure Phase 2

During phase two, the western-most lane will be reopened to southbound traffic. At this point, vehicles traveling southbound on 110th Ave. NE will have access to the City Center Plaza and Skyline Tower garages, but vehicles exiting the garages must exit southbound on 110th Ave. NE.

Although the construction site is relatively small, traffic impacts are expected to spread beyond the immediate area. Diversion is expected on NE 8th St., NE 4th St. and NE 2nd St. as well as 112th Ave. NE and 108th Ave. NE.

Customer and visitor access to Bellevue City Hall remains available from northbound 110th Ave. NE and westbound from NE 6th St.

 Transit access to the Bellevue Transit Center will not be affected and all bus service will continue as scheduled.

Choose Your Way Bellevue wants to help you find other transportation options.

  • Contact us for custom commute plans and carpool/vanpool matching.
  • During the 110thAve. NE closure, Choose Your Way Bellevue is offering new transit riders* ORCA cards preloaded with a $10 E-purse, to get you started.
  • King County Metro VanPool is offering five days of free rides in operating vanpool and vanshare commuter vans.
  • Contact info@cywb.orgfor more information on the ORCA and VanPool promotions.


To help you get through construction, we are inviting new transit riders* to apply for a preloaded $10 ORCA card (while supplies last) or five free rides in a KC Metro commuter van. Whether you want to commute to the office, ride to the Bellevue Collection for shopping and dining, bus to Seattle for a Mariners game, or if you want to try the Sound Transit 560 or light rail to the airport, we have your first trips covered.

We will review your application, and if approved, will mail you an ORCA card within seven business days.


  • *A new transit user is anyone who has not used transit more than three times in the past three months.
  • Participants who have previously received an ORCA card from Choose Your Way Bellevue are not eligible for this promotion.
  • If you are already taking advantage of your employer’s ORCA benefit, you are not eligible for this promotion.
  • For more details contact Choose Your Way Bellevue, please email
  • Limit one per person and one per email address.

Our team is also available to help you plan a transit trip through our online commute inquiry form.

 How it works

  • Submit a request for a preloaded $10 ORCA while the promotion is available here.
  • The ORCA cards will be mailed out by Choose Your Way Bellevue staff weekly.
  • Limit one per person.
  • Limit one per email address.
  • For the KC Metro commuter van promotion find a van with a seat or for tips on finding a van, contact Once you find a van complete this form.
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East Link Light Rail construction is underway with the promise of new transit options in Bellevue and increased connectivity with Seattle, Mercer Island, and Redmond. Sound Transit isn’t stopping there, though. With population and employment growth on the horizon, Sound transit has released the Sound Transit 3 Draft Plan to extend both Light Rail and regional bus services. The draft is available for comment and Sound Transit would like 10 minutes of your time to help shape the future of transit in our region.

In this draft, Bellevue continues to be a hub for transit. From Downtown a user would be able to reach major Seattle neighborhoods as well as Issaquah and Redmond via rail, and cities to the south and north via enhanced bus service. The Sound Transit website has a helpful and interactive map of all existing and proposed projects as well as a detailed overview of the entire ST3 plan.

If implemented, ST3 could have a major impact on movement in and around the region. Whether you see the plan as a blessing, a curse, or simply not enough, make sure your voice is heard by taking the short ST3 survey by April 29th. The only way to ensure the future of transit in our region best serves commuters like you is to help influence its implementation.

Click here for a link to the ST3 Draft Plan:
Click here for a direct link to the survey:
You can also email your comments to:

Mail comments to: Sound Transit | 401 S. Jackson St. | Seattle, WA 98104
Call with questions: 206-903-7000
Or attend an Open House:

All meetings are 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. with presentations at 6 p.m. except for the April 28 Seattle daytime meeting.

• REDMOND* – April 27 – Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center
• FEDERAL WAY* – April 28 – Todd Beamer High School
• SEATTLE* – April 28 – Daytime meeting at Union Station (11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., presentation at noon)

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On a rainy Friday afternoon, Choose Your Way Bellevue staff got the awesome opportunity to tour the new State Route 520 Floating Bridge. We were accompanied by WSDOT’s communications and engineer team to show us around. The new SR 520 Bridge to the north of the existing floating bridge has been under construction for years and we’ve seen it march west towards completion. This April, WSDOT is unveiling a huge milestone in the process of the updated SR 520 connection: the floating bridge and landings segment.

We’re particularly excited about SR 520’s regional shared-use path which runs along the north side of the bridge. It is making progress as construction of the new highway moves from east to west. Because of the SR 520 program’s phased construction, the path on the bridge will not immediately link Medina and Seattle. When the floating bridge opens to traffic in spring 2016, its bike and pedestrian path will also open – but as an “out and back” trail from Medina to the west end of the floating bridge. At that time, westbound cars, trucks and buses will merge from three lanes to two when nearing Seattle and pedestrians and bicyclists will turn around. The connection to Montlake should open as part of the West Approach Bridge North project in summer 2017.

On the new floating bridge, the 14-foot wide, cross-lake lane will include belvederes to provide scenic viewpoints and resting areas for bikers, joggers and walkers.

The path will also have knee-level lighting all the way across the bridge, a protective barrier between the path and adjacent traffic, and a specially designed railing that provides views of the lake while keeping foot-powered travelers safe.

Bicyclists and pedestrians will not pay a toll to cross the bridge once the shared-use connection is open in 2017 or to use it as an “out and back” path in the interim.

Choose Your Way Bellevue staff recently toured the soon-to-be open SR 520 floating bridge on a rainy afternoon with WSDOT! Check it out the photos below:

SR 520 Bridge Tour

The SR 520 Bridge is huge so instead of driving from one end to the other construction workers use these bikes.

SR 520 Bridge Tour

Can you guess what this is? We couldn’t either, but we found out it’s a ramp for birds so they don’t get stuck in this opening on the lower part of the bridge.

SR 520 Bridge Tour

Here is a closer look at the belvedere. Enjoy a very beautiful scenic view as you take a break from walking or biking on the shared-use path.

SR 520 Bridge Tour

This is what the road looks like up close. The ridges, patterns and textures help to reduce noise on the roadway.

SR 520 Bridge Tour

We’ve reached the end of the bridge. The connection to Montlake should open as part of the West Approach Bridge North project in summer 2017.


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The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) recently announced that the 2013 construction season is starting now! Along with the City of Bellevue, crews are starting to gear up for lots of work in and around Bellevue.

What does that mean for Bellevue commuters? Here are the projects you should know about:

SR 520 – I-5 to Medina Bridge Replacement and HOV Project (WSDOT)

What’s happening: Crews are replacing the aging SR 520 floating with a larger and more efficient floating bridge.

Why: The 50-year-old bridge is often backed up with traffic and is vulnerable to windstorms and earthquakes.

When will construction take place: Construction is under way and is expected to last until late 2014. For specific project timing affecting the Bellevue area, please visit WSDOT’s website.

I-405 NE 6th Street to I-5 Widening and Express Toll Lanes (WSDOT)

What’s happening: Crews will be adding one continuous northbound and southbound lane between NE 6th Street in Bellevue and SR 522 in Bothell. Combined with the current HOV lane, the lanes will serve as a dual express toll lane system similar to the High Occupancy Toll lanes on SR 167.

Why: Crews are improving I-405 to reduce congestion for commuters heading to and from Bellevue and adding additional carpool capacity.

When will construction take place: Construction is currently under way beginning in Bothell, and will be completed by 2015.

I-405 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation (WSDOT)

What’s happening: Crews will completely replace the concrete pavement on all lanes of northbound I-405 from SE 8th Street to just north of Main Street in Bellevue.

Why: The concrete in this portion of I-405 is 40-50 yeas old and is crumbling faster than crews can patch it.

When will construction take place: Late spring 2013 to fall 2013

West Lake Sammamish Parkway: I-90 to SE 34th Street, Phase 1 (City of Bellevue)

What’s happening: Crews will widen the shoulder on the east side of the roadway and create a multi-use path on the west side. There will also be sidewalk and ADA ramp upgrades as wells as pedestrian crossing at key intersections. Two-way pedestrian and bicycle access will remain throughout the corridor during construction, although southbound automobile traffic will be detoured onto SE 34th Street.

Why: The project will improve West Lake Sammamish for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.

When will construction take place: Construction is starting now and will last until October 2013.

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Here’s the bus rider’s guide (straight from WSDOT) to navigating July’s I-90 lane closures:


Delays – Bus travel times are expected to be delayed because all vehicles will be using the HOV express lanes across the lake into Seattle. This restriction does not end until you reach the west side of the Mount Baker Tunnel.


WSDOT anticipates delays will be most disruptive westbound from 6-11 a.m. and 3-7 p.m., or when there are major events in Seattle. Also, eastbound traffic in the afternoon is expected to be slower than normal, because there will be no HOV lanes in that direction across the lake until the project is completed. There could be related slowdowns on State Route 520, Interstate 405 and Interstate 5.


Metro will make every effort to add buses to maintain departure schedules on east-west routes across I-90. Still, bus travel times are expected to take longer than normal due to anticipated traffic delays and backups. Most buses serving the Eastside make multiple trips across the lake in a single day, and congestion on one leg of the trip will create ongoing delays for individual buses.


There are more than 19 Metro and Sound Transit bus routes operating in the I-90 corridor, including routes: 111, 114, 202, 205, 210, 211, 212, 214, 215, 216, 217, 218, 225, 229, 981, and 989, plus Sound Transit Express routes 550, 554, 555 and 556. But, the congestion could also delay other routes and transit service.


Bus travel is still a good option for crossing I-90. Transit service, vanpools and carpools will be subject to delays, but at least you help get one more car off the road and can relax while someone else does the driving.


Bus riders are encouraged to travel early in the commute if possible. Use existing schedules to plan your trip and give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.



Reroutes – Because westbound traffic congestion is expected to be severe, Metro is planning to reroute all Seattle-bound service that travels westbound on I-90 from Snoqualmie, Sammamish, Issaquah Highlands, Issaquah and Eastgate. This will have little impact on bus boarding locations, except for two inbound stops.


Westbound buses that are headed for the I-90 floating bridge will be routed off of I-90 at 142nd Place Southeast at Eastgate and re-enter near Bellevue Way. This will divert buses around several anticipated I-90 choke points and give them a queue jump onto Mercer Island.


Routes 111 and 114 coming from the Renton Highlands will also avoid some portions of I-90. Mercer Island routes 202 and 205 will have a short reroute on the island to enter I-90.



Eastgate boarding – The reroutes could cause some confusion for people who board buses either in the bays at the Eastgate Park-and-Ride or the Eastgate freeway station above I-90 just west of 142nd Place Southeast.


All buses that currently serve bays at the Eastgate Park-and-Ride will continue to do so. The bus routes detouring around Eastgate will not stop at the bays.


Two bus stops will not have Seattle service during the reroutes: the westbound Eastgate freeway station above I-90; and the stop southbound on 142nd Place Southeast near the Eastgate skybridge.


Passengers who use the westbound freeway station should board northbound on 142nd Place near the back entrance to Bellevue College. Watch for signs directing you to that stop, and please use caution crossing the street. The eastbound freeway station stop will have regular service.


The buses serving the southbound 142nd Place stop will board all passengers in the bays on the main level of the Eastgate Park-and-Ride.



South Bellevue traffic – Many routes will be detouring without stopping through the bus lanes at the South Bellevue Park-and-Ride in order to access I-90. But, only the regularly scheduled service will board passengers there.


Both pedestrians and motorists are urged to use caution traveling to and from the South Bellevue lot because of the increased traffic.



Other disruptions – Bus passengers should be aware of other projects and events that could slow I-90 bus service from July 5-20.


The city of Seattle continues repaving Second Avenue in the central business district. Most of the I-90 routes travel on Second Avenue when leaving Seattle, and continue to experience delays downtown particularly during the afternoon commute.


I-90 routes that normally use the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel will be affected by closures of the tunnel due to preparations to start up Link light rail service. The tunnel will be closed to all transit at 7 p.m. each night from July 6-10, and then closed to buses on the weekend of July 18 and 19.


Special events in Seattle are expected to attract more westbound I-90 traffic July 6-12 for the Mariners, July 11 and 18 for the Sounders soccer matches, July 18-19 for the opening of light rail, and July 17-19 for the Bite of Seattle.



NEW TOOLS – Both WSDOT and Metro are offering new tools for tracking travel conditions during the I-90 lane closures.


King County’s “Eye on Your Metro Commute” offers commute-time updates on transit disruptions Monday through Friday from 6-9 a.m. and 3-7 p.m. For more significant widespread disruptions, Metro customers can subscribe to KCMetro-Alerts.


WSDOT recently added new tools to its Web site to help drivers plan their commutes and help avoid severe congestion on Puget Sound freeways in July. They include new traffic cameras, estimated travel times, travel-planning guides, and real-time traffic updates.

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