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Telecommuting can help improve company productivity and enhance employee recruitment while decreasing overhead costs.

At this workshop, you’ll learn about how to implement an effective telecommute program that benefits your business’s bottom line and improves work/life balance.

This event will be hosted at Lincoln Square South (500 Bellevue Way NE) and a complimentary lunch will be provided.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Complimentary Lunch: 11:30 a.m. – Noon
Program: Noon – 1 p.m.

Lincoln Square North
Collaboration Center
500 Bellevue Way
Suite 253
Bellevue, WA 98004

RSVP for Free Here by 2/4

The Collaboration Center is located on the Southeast corner, on the 2nd floor, of Lincoln Square South:

• From the LSS parking garage, take the elevator to level 2
• Head South through the Food Hall toward the South Tower elevators
• Once through the South Tower elevator lobby, make a left at the Property Management Office. The Collaboration Center entrance is located at the end of the hall, Suite 253

Visitor parking onsite will be validated at Nordstrom Rack or any restaurant for up to three hours. For questions, please email

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Did you know that you can have a chance to earn awesome rewards just by logging your commute? If you sign up with Choose Your Way Bellevue, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $100 REI gift card just by participating and logging your non-drive-alone commute at least 8 times a month.

Take a page out of Matt’s book; Matt, our May Mover of the Month, commutes regularly from Issaquah to Bellevue by bus. By choosing to commute by bus, Matt has saved thousands per year!

Here is Matt’s story:


We hope Matt took the bus to get the Angkor Wat!


What is your green commute (what is your mode and where are you coming from/going to)?

“My wife and I recently moved from Bellevue to Issaquah. Without knowing it, we chose an apartment within a block of a bus stop that’s turned out to be extremely convenient. I walk out my door in the morning and walk 1 block to the bus stop. I catch the Sound Transit 554 to Eastgate Park & Ride where I transfer to either the 240 or 271 to Downtown Bellevue. My route home in the evenings is the exact reverse.“

Why do you choose to commute this way?

“My commuting by bus has allowed us to downsize to a one car household. My company pays for my monthly bus pass so we save thousands per year on insurance, gas, parking, registration, and maintenance on a second car. I also don’t have the headache of having to fight traffic before I’ve had coffee in the morning!”

What is something unexpected you’ve discovered since you began commuting via this mode?

“One interesting thing that I’ve learned to do since beginning to bus commute is read on the bus. I used to get queasy if I tried to read in a car or on the bus. But, over time, I’ve gotten over it and read for pretty much my entire commute.”

Tell us a bit about yourself – what are some of your hobbies? Do you have any holiday plans?

“I’m a volunteer trail steward for 6 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail east of the Greenwater area. So a lot of my holiday this summer will be days spent doing trail maintenance in the woods. My wife and I are also planning a trip to the Coeur d’Alene area later this summer. I enjoy hiking in the Issaquah Alps, camping, reading, and trying out new hobbies. “

A huge thank you to Matt for sharing his commute with us! We hope his experience can serve as inspiration for you to try out your own alternative mode of transit – why not start with the bus! June is Ride Transit Month, and Choose Your Way Bellevue provides an ORCA card to certain new transit users through our Try Transit program.

Would you like to be the Choose Your Way Bellevue Mover of the Month? Log at least eight non-drive-alone trips on your calendar and you’ll automatically be entered into the drawing for next month.

Choose Your Way Bellevue staffer Emma

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Are you interested in telework but have questions about how a work from home program could be successfully implemented at your company? Choose Your Way Bellevue works with telework expert Rick Albiero, CEO of the Telecomuting Advantage Group (TAG). Submit your telework questions to our expert here, or read on for previous Q&A’s requested publicly on the Telework Bellevue Ask an Expert page. And be sure to check back for more telework questions and answers from our expert. The Q&A’s are featured here on the Choose Your Way Bellevue blog on a monthly basis.

Question 3: We hear about productivity gains from teleworkers.  Where do they come from and has anyone actually measured them?

Rick’s Reply: Productivity gains come from multiple sources.  Teleworkers experience fewer disruptions while they are working allowing them longer periods of concentration.  Teleworkers often have more flexible work hours, allowing them to accomplish job-tasks during their peak work hours.  The ongoing discussion of “morning vs. night” people does have a basis in the fact that some employees may be the most productive in the morning and others late in the afternoon or early evening.  Allowing employees the option of working during these hours, rather than being in the middle of the commute, is likely going to increase the amount of work they accomplish.  Add in more effective time management, reduced absenteeism and the feeling of empowerment they experience and employees experience an almost effortless level of increased productivity.

Many organizations have implemented telework metrics and collect productivity data and/or conduct employee surveys.  Some examples include American Express and Alpine Access who both report an increase of over 25% among teleworking sales and support agents.  Sun Microsystems found that teleworkers contribute 60% of the time that they used to spend commuting getting work done.  Best Buy’s average productivity is up 35% due to their flexible work program.

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Picture 006Recently a visitor to the website commented on a fundamental problem: companies locating in areas without good transit service, thus shifting the costs of commuting from the employer to the employee. His reasoning was that companies save real estate costs by locating in less expensive areas outside of downtowns, and those costs are shifted to workers in the form of more expensive commutes. Do you agree? Areas outside downtown areas are typically not as well served by transit, and transit commuting can be less expensive than driving alone (as was the case with this person). But if you drive, parking is more costly in downtown.

The 1990 State Growth Management Act aims to shift growth to urban centers – witness the growth of high rises in downtown Bellevue – but changes take time, and many employers still choose to locate out of these centers. Do you now, or have you previously worked in an area with limited transit? Did this matter to you? If you work in downtown, do you value the transportation choices it affords? Do you appreciate having a multitude of options for lunch, etc within easy walking distance? 

If you work in an area outside of downtown, have you found a viable way to commute without driving alone? Maybe perceived drawbacks could have offsetting benefits? That is, time spent reading on a long bus commute could be considered free time; time spent walking or biking one leg of a commute reduces time at the gym, etc. Do you undertake a “challenge commute”? If so, do you appreciate any aspects of it or do you just wish it would be easier? Let us know your thoughts.


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