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If you’re like me, you love seeing how you’re stacking up in savings. When it comes to my commute, it doesn’t make me happier to know that I saved more than $400 in a month from not driving my car alone. Logging my trips on the Choose Your Way Bellevue network (or for some of you) has been a great tool for me to see how much I’m saving in gas and cash and see my impact on the environment through CO2 savings. Not to mention those trips add up to more than good data. Logging trips on the calendar could qualify someone for a monthly Perk, entrance into a drawing or a reward.

Whether you’re already in the program but haven’t started logging or haven’t signed up yet, here is a quick glimpse of the Choose Your Way Bellevue calendar and how to log a trip. (Click to make it bigger!)

How to log a trip!

It couldn’t be simpler. But if some issues occur, Choose Your Way Bellevue staff are just an email or phone call (425-283-1357) away to help you. What do you look forward to when you log trips?

–Choose Your Way Bellevue staffer Geri

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Choose Your Way Bellevue had a terrific year because of your travel choices!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Your decisions to incorporate transportation alternatives to your weekly routine is paying off. Bellevue is experiencing real benefits to our environment (and our commuters’ pocket books!). Check out the numbers below logged by Bellevue workers, residents and students in their calendars:

  • You logged 8.8 million miles traveled without driving alone in a car.
  • You kept 4.9 million lbs of carbon dioxide from escaping into the atmosphere.
  • You saved, in sum $1.9 million in auto-related expenses like fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle by taking drive-alone alternatives.
  • Of the nearly 700,000 trips you took in 2015, the most popular mode was by far on transit, followed closely by carpooling.
Choose Your Way Bellevue 2015 Trips

Choose Your Way Bellevue 2015 Trips

If your New Year’s Resolution is to save money, reduce your travel and financial stress or help the environment by reducing your carbon emissions, Choose Your Way Bellevue is here to help you make the travel choice that is right for you.

Fill out a quick trip planning inquiry and our staff will create a customized plan just for you – whether it’s via transit, bike or help finding a carpool or vanpool partner, we’re here for you.

Thanks for a great 2015, and here’s to a 2016 with full vanpools, happy transit riders and healthy choices by foot and by bike!

-Choose Your Way Bellevue staffer Augusta

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Summer Commute Challenge

Downtown Bellevue Residents & Workers:

How did you get to work today? If the answer is you drove alone (again) then this is your chance to try a new way to work!   Downtown Bellevue on the Move is looking for a few challengers, who live or work in downtown Bellevue, to try a new, greener commute and to tell us about it!  Trying a new commute can seem a little daunting at first, but our staff wants to make it as easy on you as possible. That is why Downtown Bellevue On The Move will pay for your green commute for a month (some restrictions apply) – and are even throwing in a reward. So what are you waiting for? 

August could be the month that you leave your car at home, sit back and relax during a bus ride, dust off that old bike, or call up that friend on the 6th floor to see if he or she wants to try carpooling for a month.  Downtown Bellevue On The Move staff will help you plan your commute and can walk you through the process. All we ask in return is that you document your experience and share 4 weekly journal entries, paired with videos or photos to be posted on our blog or other social media sources. We want to hear about how it goes!

Those who are eligible and successfully complete the challenge will receive a gift card for participating (while supplies last). At the end of the year challengers will be entered to win a grand prize of a Kindle Fire, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, or Microsoft Store gift card.

Fill out an application today! Take on the challenge. 

If you already commute by a greener mode – refer a friend or two!  They will thank you later.


Downtown Bellevue On The Move Staff

425.453.0644 |

Join the Downtown Bellevue On The Move network! Learn how at

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541531_87667919Climate change. Everyone’s talking about it. But what are we doing about? An article from The Christian Science Monitor about this topic recently caught our eye. It states that “discussion of climate change has been high on domestic and international agendas, but the sad truth is that little has been done to fight it”. So how do we kick our butts in gear to reduce our country’s carbon footprint? Is a recession the only proven condition to get people off the road, subsequently cutting emissions? According to the article’s author, Robert Dujarric, the climate debate must be refocused. The environmental arguments empower some to make change, but not the masses. Instead, Dujarric says to appeal to patriotism. What? American patriotism = lower carbon emissions? Here’s his argument:

Given the location of the world’s petroleum reserves, when Americans pull out their credit cards at the gas pump, they indirectly fund the economies of countries like Iran, Venezuela, Libya, Sudan, and not to mention Al Qaeda (whose financial backers include many who are in the fossil fuels business). Even if the oil sold in the US comes from Alaska, Texas or allies like Norway, American demand drives up the price of the commodity, thereby pumping huge flows of dollars into the treasuries of its enemies. If Americans start thinking about their dependence on oil as equivalent to providing assistance to our enemies, more citizens would be open to looking for and practicing alternatives.

Dujarric doesn’t believe we should throw out the environmental arguments altogether. He instead believes supporting them with a new patriotic message might do the trick to cutting down our oil consumption. What motivates and inspires you to decrease your carbon footprint? Is it saving endangered species and improving air quality or is it protecting US borders? Let us know your thoughts about the climate change debate by submitting a comment below. Also, be sure to calculate your own carbon footprint on our carbon emissions calculator. You may be surprised at what you find!


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untitled5Fall Wheel Options is back! Join thousands of others across the state who choose not to drive alone to work at least twice during Wheel Options, October 18-31. Log your commutes at and you could win the trip to Italy with a Rick Steves Best of Rome 7 Day Tour! Eligible wheel options include carpooling and vanpooling, riding the bus or train, bicycling or walking to work, working from home or simply not commuting because of your compressed work week schedule. There are many fantastic prizes, including weekend getaways and your favorite merchant gift cards. All participants will receive a two-for-one coupon courtesy of Amtrak Cascades. What have you got to lose?


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